Interior Painting for Eugene and Springfield

Color Consulting
Wallpaper Removal
Cracks and Damage Repair
Texturing to Match
Detailed Prep Work
Covering of All Furniture and Flooring
Application of Premium Paint
Decorative and Faux Finishes
Glazing, Parchments, Cloudy Skies
Old World Venetian Plaster
Custom Stenciling
Block and Stone

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Looking for a reliable painting contractor that will get the job done right the first time? Architectural Accents is your perfect match for interior painting services in Eugene, Oregon. We can help you choose the right color and type of paint that will work best for you with our personalized color consulting. Using only the highest quality products, and with over 20 years of painting experience in Oregon, you can count on us to make your home or office building look beautiful.

Once again, detailed preparation is the most important phase of the painting process. Our surface prep work includes:

  • Repairing of any nail pops, surface cracks and filling of nail holes along with any sheetrock repairs, taping and texturing.
  • Removal and reinstallation of light switch and outlet covers.
  • Covering of furniture and flooring
  • All walls and ceilings are rolled with two coats of the highest quality 100% acrylic latex paint. Trim work is hand brushed.

While most people absolutely dread the thought of interior painting because of the inconvenience it can create, our customers have been happily surprised and said it was practically painless!




For years designers and homeowners have been looking for new and exciting ways to express their originality, personality and style in the interior decorating of homes. The centuries old art of faux finishing gives them unlimited choices as far as color, texture, style and design. Faux finishes can make small areas appear larger, bring texture to a flat surface and hide damaged areas while matching the existing decorations. Faux finishes can be the answer to many decorating questions. Conventional interior painting can be quite limited; with faux finishes, the only limit is your imagination!

We are excited to be able to give our customers another option to high quality conventional interior painting by offering the many beautiful styles and textures created by faux finishes. Most people associate faux finishes with sponging and rag-rolling, which are two of the simpler techniques. But faux finishes cover a much wider range of painting effects. Glazing is the foundation to many faux finishes. How a glaze is applied and moved around before it dries, and what tools are used to manipulate it will determine what type of finish will be created. The infinite combinations of colors and patterns made possible with the use of glazes lead to many design choices.

We have spent many hours in decorative finish classes taught by master decorative artists learning the art of faux finishes in Seattle, San Francisco, and Eugene. We continue to take classes to keep our finishes up-to-date and fresh! All of the products we use are water based and are only available for purchase through Faux Effects by certified decorative technicians.

Any surface that can be painted can be done in a faux finish: walls, ceilings, floors, crown mouldings, doors, furniture, glass – anything! Faux finishes can be done on several walls in a room, or only one wall may be done as an accent or focal point of that room. As to how many walls or rooms are done in a particular home depends on personal taste and budget. Decorative painting can be an exciting way to show your own unique style and creativity. After all, decorative finishes are just a “pigment of your imagination!” And when faced with the decorating dilemma of what to do – “Just Faux It!”