Exterior Painting Services for Eugene and Springfield

Restorative REpairs
Treatment of Mildewed Areas
Power Washing
Hand and Power Sanding
Detailed Preparation
Priming of Raw Wood Surfaces
Color Matching
Application of Premium Paint/Stain

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Detailed preparation is one of the most important phases of the painting process to ensure a long lasting, durable finish. Any needed restorative repairs are done first, then treatment of mildewed areas followed by a thorough powerwashing to remove dirt, loose paint and mildew to ensure proper paint adhesion. After the surfaces have been allowed to dry, scraping and hand and power sanding are done when needed to eliminate any remaining loose or peeling paint that powerwashing may not have completely removed.Extensive use of 100% pure acrylic, all purpose 40 year life caulk is applied to cracks and crevices to prevent moisture from seeping into the surfaces to be painted. All raw wood surfaces are hand brushed or rolled with primer before applying 100% acrylic latex paint.Before any surface is painted, we meticulously hand mask, paper and plastic, tape and cover with drop clothes all areas such as asphalt, concrete, decking and shrubs to protect from possible over-spray. All electrical outlet covers are either covered or removed before painting and reinstalled after painting.The use of the highest quality products along with proper application is another key element for long lasting protection. Two coats of a premium 100% acrylic paint are applied to the siding with an airless sprayer for even coverage; depending on the texture of the siding, back-rolling may be necessary after spraying to ensure complete coverage. All trim and fascia are hand brushed.If you have cedar siding that has become dark from years of dirt and mildew, we can restore it and make it beautiful and like new once again! Treatment of all the areas of mildew followed by meticulous powerwashing and staining with a UV sealant can redeem even the darkest of sidings.Throughout the entire process, from mildew treatment before powerwashing and any needed surface preparation, to our final coat of high quality paint and everything in between, we promise to give your home or business the utmost care and provide you with exceptional service.